First, stop and take a deep breath! It will be okay, and we can say that with confidence since we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve been through it with our own family, and we still remember that overwhelming feeling. It is a daunting task, and even more so when done on your own. The good news is, you won’t be alone.

What sets Handy Home Buyers apart is our dedication to the time and effort needed to personally meet with you and your loved ones; so, that we can truly understand the wants and needs of your family before we begin to recommend an As Is Cash Home Buyer.

We are a hands-on, local service that is completely free to you and your loved ones.

How We Can Help:

We understand that selling your families home can be an emotional task. We also understand you want your privacy from your neighbors who will always have an opinion as to what you should do with YOUR home! We can discreetly present you with multiple options from local cash home buyers.

The Personal Assessment

We promptly speak with you and your family members to better understand the situation and desires of you and your loved ones. We will then personally visit with you and your loved one in their home to help in simplifying your St Louis cash home buyer search. It takes less than 30 mins.

We Don’t Stop There…

After our assessment, we will condense our choices to the top three to five cash offers in the area fitting the criteria you’ve provided to us. With your guidance, we will arrange for the contract to be signed and given over to the title company.

Once you have chosen the buyer, we stay involved as we move closer to the closing date. We will be there to help you, each and every step of the way. We can also refer you to professional resources in the community to further assist you in your transition process. Such as movers, estate sales, car buyers, etc.

How is this free?

Our service is free to our clients. Instead, we are paid by the cash home buyers that we serve.

Sell My House Fast! Sell Fast For Cash!

St. Louis Home Buying Services. Do you Need to sell your house fast in St Louis, St Charles or Jefferson County?

We are able to quickly purchase your home in as few as 7 days! We buy homes as-is, so you can stop worrying about cleaning up and doing costly repairs. We are “Handy Home Buyers” so we are able to see past the repairs and find value in even ugly houses.

For over 12 years we have helped hundreds of homeowners in St. Charles and St. Louis easily sell their home for a fair price.

  • NO REAL ESTATE AGENT will be taking 7% of your HARD EARNED Home Equity
  • NO CLOSING COST. We take care of that!
  • NO SURPRISES. A professional real estate expert will show you how easy it is to get the cash you need – Guaranteed.